On Max Hafler’s Forthcoming Book: A Poem

Your Manuscript for “Open Voice” 

Max, my partner, has just sent his finished manuscript to his publisher. If you are an acting teacher or even “a voice” look out for it. I will keep you posted.


Your New Book

(For Max Hafler on completion of “Open Voice”)

Max Hafler

Max Hafler

Your book is all about
making the body speak-
getting the word heard,
putting flesh into voice.

You don’t agree with
God’s word-
John’s word into flesh.

For you the body speaks:
like the Kabbalists the letters
and the sounds are sacred,
they are carnal.

I have seen this at work.
You breakfast with me,
take in bread and cheese
then go to work on the book-

your room full of labour.
The window steamed up,
your body’s odour
making words.

Praise be.

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