Gaia: The Question of Consciousness.

Abstract: This paper seeks to explore the possibility of Gaian Consciousness or the existence of an Earth Consciousness based on the hypothesis of the planet as a self- regulating system/living organism. It seeks to define the nature of this consciousness as Transpersonal and it presents the author’s research, “Therapeutic transpersonal encounters with dolphins”, other research and well established documented accounts as empirical evidence of participatory, reciprocal encounters that might be termed consciousness sharing between humans and a dynamic/spiritual aspect of our planet Earth. It further suggests that it is primarily our physical, somatic distancing or alienation from mother Earth that hinders our awareness of this consciousness.

Towards a transpersonal definition of poetry: the shape and significance of the encounter.

Abstract: This paper seeks to explore a definition of poetry and how it might fulfil transpersonal criteria (Daniels, 2005). It seeks to look beyond the outward form (rhyme or metre) to a deeper transformative structure and to the significance of the mythic imagery of many poems. Ultimately it seeks to suggest that in its “participatory encounter” (Ferrer, 2002) of reader and writer we share a consciousness beyond the personal: “we are all one” (Jorge Luis Borges, 1923). 

Therapeutic transpersonal encounters with dolphins:

Abstract:This study examines 6 human/dolphin encounters and seeks to illustrate how they are both transpersonal and therapeutic; in the course of this examination these encounters are seen as “participatory transpersonal events” (Ferrer 2002) for the co-researchers involved. Using in part a phenomenological reduction of recorded interviews (Moustakas 1994) and in part an intuitive, poetic approach, influenced by the work of Jorge Ferrer (2002) and David Abram (1996), the study looks particularly at the therapeutic aspects of the accounts as they relate to depression and in what ways these transpersonal encounters with the Natural World may have brought about healing. It suggests that a symbiotic relationship exists between transpersonal participatory events and healing and in so doing raises the need to include the concept of healing in the concept of the Transpersonal. The study concludes that our ontological transformation through a unity with Spirit is what is ultimately healing both for individuals and perhaps for the Earth itself and questions whether a condition of alienation may be embedded in some aspects of Transpersonal psychological theory.

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