The Poetry Garden 3


From The Poetry Garden 3

Here is the third visit to the Poetry Garden. My friend Matthew in San Francisco has a series of YouTube presentatations made out in the Wilderness, near the Yuba River, I think, in the Sierras of California, called The Rheomode Series a YouTube playlist. One of my poems here is called “August Rainfall” and that is a kind of response to his talking about “thinking with things” and getting in touch with the processes of the Natural World. I really liked what he had to say. I  prefer to call this relating to things but it is not really a bother as they say. There is a link to Matt’s blog down the right hand side below; or for the playlist go to:

The details about the Greek drinking vessel (a Krater) in my final poem are: the krater was from a Greek Colony burial site in Pithekoussai, it is now called Ischia and is an island in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. It dates from The Geometric Period, late 8th. Century B.C.E.









2 thoughts on “The Poetry Garden 3

  1. Tony, you have a way of taking a listener very quickly to a place of fundamental sensation and vision. Your very direct manner of reading conveys well the clarity of your poems. My only regret is that you don’t post these Poetry Garden poems on the website (unless I’m missing something here). Poetry Garden #3 (in which, coincidentally, you read three thematically-related poems) begs for revisiting, which I will do but not late in the evening as it is now. Finally, my compliments to the cameraman! Each garden visit is increasingly well done. Thanks so much for these lovely interludes that probe the consciousness as gently, yet as certainly, as drops of rain.

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    • Oh that is very nice of you Beth thank you. I will pass the filming complements on. I think some of the poems may be on here but I am trying to put new poems in the Garden Post and the new ones appear in the Garden first. I guess the context and idea of “the Garden” is what stimulates me in a special way at this time of withdrawal. All this talk of the “garden” brings Andrew Marvel to mind but I think his garden is very different from mine. His represents a form and order, a harmony of the intellect in the cultivated designed garden of the 17th century. Mine is wild and disturbing, pulling you into the underlying rock and the unconscious so we can be more alert to where we are now. So even the Greek Krater is dug up out of the earth and then its art takes us back down into the sea.

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