Ferrer’s point about the “participatory encounter” The Moon and the Ocean.

I like this example very much: it does of course beg the question as to whether this is a dream or not. I like to think I/we am/are having a participatory relationship with the moon and the ocean. But then I’m not a Buddhist. Love to get some comments about this. Does it remind anyone of Garcia Lorca’s poetry? Answers on a comment please no Likes !!

“For example, if the moon’s reflection appears in the ocean, the image of its reflection in the water can’t be separated out from either the moon, the ocean or the mind that perceives the reflection – they are all part of one whole quantum system. The moon isn’t causing the reflection any more than the ocean (or our mind) is – all of these interrelated factors are interdependently reciprocally co-arising with each other so as to produce the resultant effect (the image of the moon’s reflection in water that is arising within our minds). To think of them as separate parts interacting with each other is a cognitive error preventing us from seeing the deeper whole system that is openly revealing itself through their shared interplay. Or think of the ocean’s waves – the ocean isn’t in any way separate from its waves, the waves are its unmediated expression. The ocean isn’t causing the waves, the waves aren’t the effect of the ocean – the waves ARE the ocean.” (Paul Levy: awakeninthedream.com)

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