Goose Down Day (In Time of Plague)

Goose Down Day

Cocooned under duck down
goose down day
mug of tea beside me
nothing like April light gray
shorts twisting as I turn
on an elbow to half sit
anger hard in my cock
eyelids stuck
no cough no fever
throat a bit raw
breathe deep
think I can still smell
my sweat and fossils
in the old stone walls
from an ancient sea
an empty space beside me
already going cold
like the tea

I must find leaf mould
for lettuce seed
get the sets in
raised bed full of weed
there will be no more market
poetry bash cancelled
325 new cases
71 dead
no more than 10 at a funeral
dig cocooned under duck down
dig on the damn goose down day

One thought on “Goose Down Day (In Time of Plague)

  1. I really love this poem, so full of feeling , frustration and confusion with this great sense of tossing and turning in the duvet …


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