Embracing Gaia Three

Embracing Gaia Three

Here is the third video in the series about healing the split between humans and the natural world.

It centres on the work of Paul Shepard 1925-1996

Paul Shepard

Paul Shepard


Writing major work in the 1960ties, he is a huge pioneer of ecology and was Avery Professor of Natural Philosophy and Human Ecology at Pitzer College, Claremont, California.


Shepard, Paul, Nature And Madness, 1982: Athens, Georgia, USA. The University of Georgia Press.

For Transpersonal Therapeutic Encounters with Dolphins, go to “Writings” on the menu bar on this blog.

Andy Fisher’s book Radical Ecopsychology has a comprehensive list of Shepard’s works in the bibliography.

Schieffelin, Edward L, 1985, The Cultural Analysis of Depressive Affect: An Example from New Guinea, in Kleinman and Good, Eds. Culture and Depression: Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press Ltd.

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