The Big Questions About the Universe and The Missing Pound/Euro


I worry about the way Cosmology and its acompanying  hidden Theological agenda at best distract us from a spiritual union with the planet, our home, and at worst alienate us from such a connection. More to follow: watch this space!

3 men go into a TV shop, where they buy a TV for £30 and they split the price between the 3 of them: £10 each. They leave the shop but the shop manager remembers the TV is on offer for £25. He then goes after the 3 men with a £5 refund, thinking to himself that he can’t share £5 between 3 people; therefore he gives them £1 each and puts the remaining £2 in to his pocket. The 3 men have paid £9 each after getting there £1 refund, which equals £27, the shop manager has £2: where is the other £1?


Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

How did the cosmos begin?

Is there A God?

If there is a Creator and he is good why did he create Evil?

Where is the missing one pound?

Answer: What missing one pound!

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