A New Poet’s Group Galway Ireland

I would like to start a Poet’s group in Galway or near there. Maybe creative writing students from NUIG or GMIT who find the fare there a bit dull might be interested in a bi weekly or monthly meet. I have a tendency to like young poets who challenge conventions but have no age, gender or orientation hang-ups. Get in touch if this interests you. I am told I’m a good mentor but this is not a teaching circle it is simply for sharing and mutual encouragement and friendship.

As an intro I am posting a poem I think is  one of my better ones so you know what I write like: if you think you write better or around the same stanadard get in touch (or even if you don’t!).

You can contact me on the email lower down in right column or leave a comment on here with how to contact you.

On Reading Your Poem “Christmas”

“We are all one; our inconsequential minds are much alike,
and the circumstances so influence us that it is something of an accident
that you are the reader and I the writer – the unsure, ardent writer – of my verses.”
Jorge Luis Borges

For D. G.

You name the time only
it’s Christmas in her father’s house
back from the pub and the dog
sniffs your shoes your crotch
you’re a stranger so he checks you out
watches you tip Bushmills in a glass

In the search for authenticity
events become tentative labile
things shift don’t they
so you understate them
and through that gap
that pause where the comma might be
you allow my imagination to slip in

Things merge lose their edges
become boundless are one
mysteriously I spin the whisky in the glass
call his dog to me and settle in her father’s chair
I stay there when you kiss her hair
in those very tender lines

Do the curtains stiffen with your blood
the old crockery crack
as the old man dreams and snores
you lower your horns
bright in the holy light
and move into the resistance of her spine

At my feet the dog stirs
his hackles rise
he snuffles his wet nose
to search the night air
a slow soft growl comes out of him

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